A liddle park shoot

I think Spring has sprung here, in the North East. 

We were spoiled last week with weather in the 80’s. This week however, it’s been a little chillier, staying in the 60s. Yea, its not that bad, but once you’ve been spoiled with beach like weather, it’s hard to settle for less.

Still, I’m not really complaining. 

I’m finally wearing more comfortable clothing, as in no more heavy boots, sweat pants, or bulky coats. I’m finally able to go out and take pictures comfortably (without shivering!), and I also have quite the back drop out there- cherry trees, tall high grass. Come on.

Just a few weeks ago, when I saw that weather creeped out of the 50’s and into the upper 60’s for the first time in months (aka eternity), I took my two little ones out to the park. Yea I know, like every other mother in the world, but I had an ulterior motive; it’d be a little photo shoot for me, with the local park as our ‘studio’.

Look at that local park dirt :p

My boy.

And my Gia.

And Gia, sans glasses.

And just ’cause my legs deserve it, a picture of them.

First park ‘shoot’: Success.

Thanks for looking!



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