I Heart Faces: Collages

This week at I Heart Faces the theme is collages. 

I personally love collages. I love how one could tell a an entire story with ‘one picture’, while still having more than one. You following me?

I haven’t done many collages myself, just because I don’t think I do them well, but the ones I have done, I kinda like. Maybe ’cause it’s pictures of the little people in my life 🙂

Here’s the first collage I made. Taken this past Valentine’s Day. They were each recovering from a horrible stomach virus, but with Valentine’s day just days away, I felt I had to get a good picture of them for the holiday. I eventually came up with this little thing, and as their mom, I admit, I still love it. I love how each picture of them, highlights their personality a bit. Here you see my drama queen, my sweet boy, and ms. hot temper. Cute huh? 

Here are my 3 little people on Love Day♥

To see other great entries, or to participate yourself, head over to I Heart Faces!

Thanks for looking!!



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