The Cowgirl


I met up with her last week. She decided to wear a little summer dress, cowboots, and a cowboy hat. Yes, she decided. And let me tell you, she worked her little outfit.

I admit, I was a little nervous. I mean, this was one of my first children sessions, not involving my children. So this was kinda a big deal.

But within minutes, I felt at ease. This child was so extroverted, so frilly, fun, that taking her pictures was a breeze. And her spunk, not only made for a fun time, it also made for a few good pictures.

Her spunk consisted of some drama

And some more.

A little fierceness

Ok, maybe a lot of it.

Some attitude

And general cuteness. I mean, really.

Oh, and her mommy came along as well of course, and together, they also took great pictures. I’m telling you, this was a pretty easy session 🙂

Oh, and did I mention that little cowgirl Mia and I happened to be near a barn, with horses, so this session turned out to be, how can I say… PERFECT!

Thank you cowgirl Mia for having so much fun with me. I (and the camera) loved you!

Thanks for looking!



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