I Heart Faces: Celebrating Teens


The theme this week at I ❤ Faces is Celebrating Teens, and with that said, you just need to have a teenager in the post. 

Now, I recently learned how AMAZING photographing teens is. I kept hearing and reading about it, and didn’t understand it, until I had the opportunity to photograph two of the most adorable, and photogenic teenagers on the east coast. Seriously. I’m now hooked. 

It all started after I was asked to get some prom pictures of these two last week, and it was just wonderful. They were so into it, so natural, so much fun. Anyway, I actually posted a few of their pictures on my blog a few days ago, so this is a repeat (on my blog, not on IHeartFaces).

Here they are, channeling some Beyonce and Jay Z, you know, the celeb power couple. Yes sirrrr.

And if you’re interested in seeing more great entries, or adding a picture yourself, just go to I Heart Faces.

Thanks for looking! 


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