He was apprehensive at first. He’d look at me, then look away. I’d get close, and he’d cling to his mommy even tighter, I approached him, and spoke to him, and he’d start to cry. Perhaps it was typical of his age, or maybe I’m just a scary looking lady, but he wasn’t into me in the beginning. And I was scared, what if hated me so much that I wouldn’t be able to get good pictures?

Well, SIKE to me! This adorable one year old eventually opened up, and even smiled for me a few times. And to conclude, we managed to get some really great pictures of this handsome little man, who is celebrating his first birthday, this June 25th.

Happy birthday Ian!! You’re a sweet heart and an absolute doll face =)

Did I mention that Ian has some pretty great parents? This is just such a cute family.


Look how sweet.

Happy birthday Ian!

Thanks for looking!



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