Just dream | Personal

I’m a thinker, a planner. I worry a lot. I worry about what I’ve done, what’s to come, the unknown, the maybes. I fret about failing, succeeding, practicing, or not practicing enough. I want to be good, and think that maybe I am, but then again, no I’m not.

And sometimes, all these concerns hold me back. Prevent me from moving forward, from living out ideas, and dreams. Can you believe it?! I’ve stopped myself from living out dreams, just because I over analyze things, a thought too many.

But I’ve decided to fall back a bit. I can’t change my nature, I’m always going to take cautious steps, and double think things, but I know I have to start taking more chances. Look towards living out some of my remaining dreams.

Simplify my thoughts a bit. Keep dreaming, and live.


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