I do have what I need. Thanks Jasmine | Personal

One of my ‘visual mentors‘ reminded me of something today. With her short, but detailed post, my ego was grounded.

Just minutes before reading her post, I had just finished thinking (and chatting) about the new photography gear I must have.

And there I was, looking through my blog roll, and saw that Jasmine had a new post up. A post titled, You Have Everything You Need. It hit me like Iron Mike. As I read what she wrote, I was reminded that at this particular moment, I do indeed have all that I need. Why the constant, ‘I’d like, I want, I need, I could use…’

I have beyond sufficient tools, some more advanced than the others, but who cares? I have a drive that was dormant in me for years, a creative mind, beautiful muses. Check that, GORGEOUS muses; I have support and encouragement from people both close to me, and from strangers; And there are people who are genuinely interested in my work. My work! It all just pushes me to want to do more, try harder, expand my horizons as far as they could possibly go.

And the above is only regards to my obsession with photography. Just imagine all the other wonderful things in my life.

She was so right. Right now, I have everything I need.



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