Growing in the Last Year | Personal

Last night as I sat on my bed er, in my office organizing some external hard drive files, I came across some pictures taken last summer. Pictures that last year, I SWORE were the hottest thing on bread since peanut butter. But I see them now, and I see that they aren’t so great, and they weren’t any better last year.

I took those pictures. I flaunted them like they were a huge deal. I even printed some of them out. They’re my product, and therefore I’m allowed to say that they’re not my best work However, I love that I have them. I love that they’re part of my photography portfolio. Will I go around showing them to potential clients? Probably not. Will I print them out on 20×24 canvases? Most likely not. But for me to be able to look back, and see how I’ve grown, to see where my mistakes are, they’re perfect.

This post isn’t to knock my old pictures, nor is it to show off how ‘wonderful’ I’m doing now. Rather, this post is to share with any followers I may have, specifically the ones who recently picked up a camera for the first time, and don’t know where to go from here. Those of you who are doubting your work, or your ability to take good pictures. Here’s proof that your ‘good’ pictures will soon emerge! Again, in no way am I saying I’m so awesome, but I take pride in the fact, that I have gotten better. Yes, I know, ‘better’ is a relative term, but I think it’s safe to say that my work is definitely improving.

This post can also be for those who think that they’re just so great, better than me, and better than the next guy. Hey, maybe you are, and a zillion kudos to you, but I like to think that there’s always room for improvement, no matter how great you are. A year ago, I thought my pictures were awesome. And although one can’t tell, I’m sure last year’s pictures are much better than any pictures I took two years ago. Seeing my progression, grounds me. I’m reminded that I can always do better than I did last time. That drive, wont allow me to settle. And I wouldn’t want to settle. I want to always strive for more, offer the best work I possibly could. A year from now, I want to look at this year’s pictures and see even more progress.

So here is a snippet of my progress, utilizing pictures of my own babies.

Taken July ’09

Notice the skin tone? Eeesh. She looks like a little tangerine. And I think it’s safe to say that the composition is rather boring.

Taken July ’10

Here, the skin tone is MUCH nicer. Much more natural and healthy looking. And the composition adds interest to the picture. Some people don’t care for angled pictures, and sometimes I think it could be a bit much, but here, I think makes this picture more fun, perfect for a 3 year old’s picture.

Taken Spring ’09

Uuuy, check out the composition on this one. There’s just no life to this picture. And notice the black and white conversion. Very lackluster.

Taken August, ’10

Here, the image of a simple face is so telling. I personally think this picture speaks volumes. What is he thinking? Is he upset about something? Did he just get over a temper tantrum? An image that provokes thinking, is usually a good think. Also, I think this black and white conversion is kinda rocking.

So yea, Im not particularly proud of these pictures. And I’m sure you could see why. The compositions lacked interest, the colors were either too dull, or WAY too saturated (as in orange face saturated), and the focus fell off key points (eyes for instance). But like I already mentioned, these same pictures allow me to take pride in how far I’ve come in the last year.

Did I write enough for you?

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Growing in the Last Year | Personal

  1. Nori, it is amazing. Only when looking at the pictures now after seeing your latest work one can see a difference!!!…of course, I’m no photographer nor do I know how to take grea pictures, but I sure can appreciate one when I see it.
    Love your work, love the love you put in to it and the discipline and persistence to keep thriving!

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