My little boy :) | Personal

So, it seems I’ve started off on a bad foot. I told myself, I’d be a better blogger. I made a mental note of the days I’d want to blog, and the things I planned to blog, but fourteen days into the year, and I’ve only posted one new topic. Shame on me.

I do still anticipate revisiting my plans, but until then, allow me to share some pictures I took of my little guy just this afternoon.

I had to do it. My bedroom was flooded with gorgeous afternoon sunlight. But it was more than just sunlight. It was bright sunlight bouncing off blankets of snow. Can you imagine the light coming into my bedroom? Just gorg!

And it worked out perfectly, because that’s another little mental note I made for this year- take more pictures of my children, just for the hell of it. I mean, I do take numerous pictures of my children often, but sometimes they aren’t even good. From now on, I want to aim to take ‘good’ pictures of my babies. Pictures that they can look at years from now, and tell a story just from looking at the image.

And no picture batch of a soon-to-be 2 year-old would be complete, without a cheesy smile shot 😛

And yes, I really am that entertaining.

Thanks for looking!



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