My baby’s 2nd Birthday Pics :D | Personal

My little boy turns two.

As every mother usually feels, I can’t believe we’re here. My baby boy, my last born, my ‘preemie’ is now a toddler.

He’s come such a long way- from his early arrival, to this, his 2nd birthday; from his bright and lonely NICU room, to his messy, toy-filled bedroom; from his very delicate infant hood, to him romping around the house like a boy maniac; and from his tiny, and I mean tiny outfits, to his size 6 shoes, and size 2t shirts, even some 3t’s, he’s come so far.

Im so proud of him. And I mean that with all sincerity. I’m not going to brag, because there’s no need to. His little personality speaks for itself. And to add, he’s a late bloomer of sorts. I’m not going to put any expectations on him. I mean, he is a preemie, 2 months behind really. So while all his little friends and cousins are doing things now, he’ll do them in 2 months. But that’s fine. To me, he’s just perfect.

He doesn’t have an extensive vocabulary yet, he’s not attuned to all his shapes and colors, and is just recognizing letters, but he’s my perfect little boy. Just to hear him say ‘circle’, ‘star’, or to hear him say, ‘rrrrr’ whenever he sees the letter R fills me with an immense pride. I feel the same way a mother of a 20 month old feels when she hears her baby sing the whole alphabet. No matter what, the emotions are the same.

I don’t know if the fact that I carried him in me for so many months makes me say all this, but I’ve never met a sweeter boy- he loves to hug, he loves to be held, and he loves company. I’ve never met a more tranquil baby boy- he’s quiet, quite observant, and a tad shy; and me, I’ve never seen a more handsome little boy- he has the best hair, the most dreamy eyes, the most scrumptious little lips, and a smile to die for.

So yea, as any of my childrens’ birthdays, this is a special day. A day of remembering, reflection, gratitude, and hope (that the terrible twos treat me good :p

And, as it has become a habit, I had a small, birthday photo shoot for my little guy (birthday party pics coming soon), so sit back and enjoy 🙂

And what a better way to start the pictures, than by commemorating his second birthday with a picture of his favorite obsession of the past year or so- Toy Story!! This is so Mikey

I think the mom-tog in me is training him well, right?

J.Crew, did you call??

And coming at a close second- he’s obsessed with cars. Not the movie, just cars.

And the perfect book for my 2 year old, Happy Birthday, Pookie. I’ve been calling him Pookie for 2 years now❤

Happy birthday to my baby boy.

Thanks so much for looking!



2 thoughts on “My baby’s 2nd Birthday Pics :D | Personal

  1. Loved the pics!!! He has such a striking resemblance to my little bunny who will be 2 yrs next month, that is April,2012.

    Lots of love,


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