2011 starts with a challenge, or two | Personal

When 2011 started, just one month ago, I challenged myself to take bigger steps in the massive world of photography. I told myself to weigh any options that may be presented to me, to consider any opportunities that may come up, and to take even more pictures than I was already taking. I don’t know if it’s modesty, or plain old truth, but I know I have  A LOT to learn, and I can’t expect to learn more about my camera, or about photography without challenging myself, without taking more risks.

So, January arrived, and I set myself up to participate in a few photo challenges- 365 Day Project52 Weeks of Lifestyle Photography, hosted by two photographers whose work I admire- Rosina, and Sarah; and the Joy of Love challenge which started now in February. ‘Work’ is slow, so it doesn’t feel like a lot on my plate, however, life is busy. Being a mom, keeps me quite occupied, so although I love photographing a million things a day, it isn’t really easy. But still, I take this incredibly, wonderful challenge (or two) in stride.

I want to share some of my favorite January photos- some from the challenges, others, just random shots. I’m not sure why these qualify as my favorites- maybe its the color in some of them, or the story one or two of them seem to tell, but I do like them. Hope you do too 🙂

To see all the images, just click on the links noted above.

Thanks so much for looking!


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