Joy of Love. February 2011. Week 1 | Photography

I’m currently participating in a photo challenge for the month of February, hosted by Willette Designs. Each morning, I’m emailed a prompt, and from there, I interpret it the way I want, and just photograph away. The only catch is that I must include a subject I love (person or animal) 🙂 I then proceed to share it on the flickr group, facebook page, or with you all here on my blog!

So now, I will share the pictures I’ve taken so far, since February 1st. Hope you like!

What They Do (01)

When my girls are in school, this is what he does- he makes believe he’s somewhere else, someone else.

Today, he was Buzz Lightyear, in outer space I guess?

How They Look (02)

Everything is wrong with this picture, but still, it’s as true as it can get.

Here is how my ‘smiling’ children usually look- Elise with her cheesy, but sweet smile; Mikey laughing through his tears; and Gia, delicate and coy.

Then and Now (03)

My little Gia, at 8 months, and now at 3.5.

She still has that little face, and the perfect eyelashes. She’s just a tad bigger, and with a cheesier smile 😀

PS: My black and white conversion is a little better than my point and shoot’s, right? ^_^

What They Wear (04)

Here are some items of clothing my little people LOVE to wear- Elise adores her Converse sneakers; Gia cannot imagine life without her princess pjs, or anything frilly for that matter; and Mikey’s favorite accessory, his paperboy caps. He also has a thing for his Superman cape. Whatever floats their boats.

Love to Hate (05)

The messes that never go away. The constant disorder. My nagging to pick up, which never stops.

And this isn’t bad at all. There are days, that it’s insane, and living in that messy insanity, drives me BONKERS.

But there are some days, that I sit and smile at all the messes. I think that one day these messes wont be here. My babies will outgrow their toys; they’ll be too busy with their phones and other gadgets; they’ll prefer to be with their friends, than to be sitting in my living room; one day they won’t be living here, and my house will be clean and organized, and most likely quiet, and lonely.

This is one annoyance, I can’t imagine my life without. It’s one that I LOVE more than anything.

So this completes my first week. Thanks for looking!

I’m not sure you can still participate, but I say click on the link above, and check it out!



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