Vote for me. Please :)

It was about 5:45 p.m. when I sat on the couch to write an email. The kids were jumping around, playing, fighting, throwing things. Periodically, one of them would ask me for juice, pretzels, milk, anything to see me off the couch. Still, being in that moment, permitted for only the realest feelings to come through in my email. I noted how my kids may drive me crazy from time to time, and how I often fantasize running down the street like a maniac just to let out some steam. And then, I also noted how much I love this hectic life. How much I love my children, and how they are literally my world. I ended my email by saying how much I would love to have this particular moment in our lives documented, because I love the fabulous ages my children are at, and I want to remember this time with the use of photography (something I LOVE. Derrh).

I finally finished the email, about 2 hours before the deadline came and went- The deadline to enter a giveaway photographer Melissa Zihlam is hosting. A giveaway for a FREE photo shoot!

A few days later, I got an email saying I was a finalist. My little email, written during a crazy mom moment made me a finalist! How exciting. Imagine. Imagine we won?!

There are 11 other families trying out for this photo shoot, and let me say, I have real tough competition, so I’m not sure I’m really in the running at this point, but omy gosh, to be this|close is so exciting. I do hope I get it. My living room is crying out for a pretty little family picture. And it’d just be so great to be in a family picture without me having to hit the self timer button, or without having some available little cousin taking the picture for us.

Wish me luck!
I’ll let you know how it goes!!
In the meantime, can you click on the above link, and vote for me? #4, Norelis

Thanks so much!!

And because a blog post looks better with a picture, here’s a picture of my baby newborn Eli, who turned 3 months on Sunday.



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