A Very Bonito Session :o)

She’s the founder of Bonito Design, a multifaceted creative vision. She designs greeting cards seasoned with some latin spice as she likes to call it. She’s a web and graphic designer. Oh, and she designs and plans parties. AND her stuff is cute. Trust me.

When I ran into her work, I felt a connection of sorts. I saw that we had similar styles in the way we saw things, creatively, and photographically. (Oh. Did I tell you she also LOVES taking pictures, and does a great job at it!).

I was elated when she asked me to take some pictures for her, of her 🙂 Immediately, I envisioned different angles, bright colors, fun, etc, etc… And when we met up, I saw the location, I saw her pink balloons, I saw her enthusiasm, and I knew it was going to be a great little session. And it was 😮

Now, we took our pictures a few months ago, but they have been under wraps, pending some projects she’s been working on. But the day is finally here, when I can share some of the images with you. Yay!

So here it is. Below are just some pictures from our morning together.

And because I love photographing shoes, another shot ;o)

Please, check out H. Guzman’s work. I’m sure you wont be disappointed!

And thanks so much for looking!



2 thoughts on “A Very Bonito Session :o)

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