Joy of Love. February 2011. Week 3 | Photography


Here’s week 3 of my Joy of Love project…

Routine (13)

Here’s what he does each morning he doesn’t have to rush off to work- sit at the table with his coffee, and laptop. So you know, I do the same exact thing, but I may do the couch some days, other days the table πŸ™‚

Wedding Band/Jewelry (14)

I know, there’s no indication of a person in this picture, but still, I think it counts. It’s a picture of the bands he gave me, promising me loyalty, support, love, attention, and respect…
Happy ‘Love’ Day πŸ™‚

Kiss (15)

A kiss from mami to her little girl πŸ™‚

Self Portrait (16)

I was losing the good light, the hubby was still at work, and all three kids were in the same area (notice one by the window?), so this is what I came up with for our ‘self portrait’- Me and my little people.

Perfect? No. Real? Yes πŸ™‚

Staying In (17)

Once my three little people are home together (both girls home from school), they usually hang out in the living room, playing, coloring, watching t.v, reading, etc… This is the room where we spend the most time in, and usually together.

PS: Hubby was at work when picture was taken, but he’s usually in the mix too.

Going Out (18)

The weather by me was GORGEOUS today, so I took my two little people on a early morning date- to the bookstore. We’ve been stuck indoors for months since it’s been a tough winter, so this was definitely a welcomed outing.

When They’re Gone (19)

When my kids are gone (or napping, or in their rooms), I take some advantage, and pick up ALL their toys, dust, sweep, try to mop, organize, etc… I just try to make it look like an adult’s living pad, as opposed to a toy store. It may not last for long, but it makes my heart happy for a few minutes.
Oh! And my puppy comes out as well, since I think the little people stress him out sometimes hehehe.


Thanks so much for looking! See you next week.



One thought on “Joy of Love. February 2011. Week 3 | Photography

  1. Love these captures of your life! Isn’t it the simple moments that mean the most?

    And I feel you about trying to clean up when the little ones are napping – I like to feel maybe a pinch of what it feels like to have an “adult” home!

    Your living room is gorgeous by the way, hoping that I can create a space like this when we finally move!

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