Film. My ‘progress’ a few days in | Photography

So, in the last few days, I’ve been playing with my new film camera. Just so you know, I like it. A LOT. I love the control I have with it. But still, I’m a little bummed. So far, 2 rolls have come back blank 😦 The first roll, I didn’t load properly. I knew that was going to happen. And after much research, I realized that the second roll was messed up by the ‘humble’ lab. Hmph. And there was a third roll. I loaded that one right, but the prints came out all distorted. Waaa. I have to figure out of it’s the camera, me, or the lab. Not sure what happened.

I didn’t expect all the pictures to come out good, or even for the majority to come out, but I was anticipating seeing at least 10-15 in total, but no, I really didn’t get anything decent back. It’s disappointing. But it is one of the things that comes along with film photography- the not knowing what’s going to happen really “/ (PS: This kind of stress I love haha).

Back to the drawing board.
Wish me luck. Again.
(Currently awaiting for roll number 4 to be developed. I have faith this one is gonna work. I hope hehe).



3 thoughts on “Film. My ‘progress’ a few days in | Photography

  1. Yes, dear friend – it’s all a part of the process! Glad to see that you still pushing through. Keep at it!

    The captures of your film shots here look great to me (already loving the grain). Embrace the difference from your digital shots.

    Does your Nikon film camera have a light meter? Once I figured mine out, that really helped. Until you get the hang of it, another tip is to use your DSLR to find a suitable shutter speed, aperture, etc. and use those same settings on your film camera.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Thank you Maria! I’m excited!

    A. thank you so much for your words of encouragement. Although my first pictures didn’t come out good, or at all lol, I’m still filled with excitement. I can’t believe how this little camera makes me feel ^_^

    From this set, I actually liked a few of the images, however, they were printed with a huge black line right in the middle, and then there were two images in one. I don’t know what that was about.

    I actually have been using my DSLR as a guidance. It has helped a lot so far.

    Thanks again so much!

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