First week with film, completed | Photography

So, I got my 4th roll of film back. And the pictures aren’t fabulous, but, BIG BUT- they’re OK. They’re decent. And it’s safe to say that a few of the pictures are actually NICE! I did it! I managed to get some nice pictures within a week of playing with my film camera. Im beyond excited, and feeling a little proud!

For coolness sake, I won’t share ALL of the pictures, but I will share a few (of the better ones :p), and here they are:

This furniture piece does not look like this. I played with the ISO and my lighting a bit, and this is the effect I got. It’s these little surprises that knock me off my feet 🙂

This one is sooo grainy, but gosh she’s cute ^_^

So this concludes my first week with my latest gadget. It’s been fun so far, I feel it’s the beginning a fun journey, and I think I may have developed a huge crush ((blushing))!

Stay tuned for more images from my adventures with my modest film camera 🙂

Thanks so much for looking guys!


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