Artist Spotlight: Helen Guzman, founder of Bonito Design

I’m inspired everyday by words, things, images, and people. I often share the words that inspire me through my writing, and religiously share images of the things, and people that move me most. And now through this outlet, I would also love to share with you the work of an artist who has inspired me at one point, and probably still does.

Behold my Artist Spotlight.  With their own words, and the use of images, I want to be able to highlight the work, originality, and work ethic that has helped set them aside from so many others in their field of work, and has branded them as… inspirational (to me at least 🙂

{Live to share}

I’m starting off this segment with the talented Helen Guzman, founder of Bonito Design.
Some of you may have already ‘met’ her in one of my recent blog posts. I had the opportunity to photograph this visionary artist a few months ago, and since before that session, she has been inspiring me with her work, ideas, and words as well.
Helen is beyond creative-Her style is bright, elegant, and romantic. And as a person, she is supportive, encouraging, and innovative (with the way her mind thinks!). It’s been a delight knowing her, and seeing how her work develops.
Guys, here’s Ms. Guzman 🙂
Name: Helen Guzman
Business Name: Bonito Design
Location: NYC

3 words you’d use to describe youself:
Down to earth, reliable, & positive.
And 3 words to describe your work:
Chic, modern, & clean
One random fact about you:
I listen to Music Everyday. I sing, & even dance on my chair while I work. lol.
How long have you been doing this, and how did you get started?
11 years in the Creative Field as a Web/Graphic Designer, and 2 years as the Creator of Bonito Design.
Bonito Design started when I decided to put up a temporary blog with some greeting cards I had designed. My first idea was to design unordinary cards that were Latin related. My customers were my close friends when I started.
After a while I opened up a facebook account and the rest started unfolding by itself and through word of mouth. One thing just lead to the other and here I am.
Is this what you always envisioned yourself doing?
I always knew I would stay in the creative industry some way or another and also knew one day I wanted to have my own business. However, it was never so narrowed down as it is now. The sky seems to be clearer in this wonderful path I am in.
When did you realize that maybe this was what you were meant to do?
Now that I look back I think all of the signs were there even when I had no idea of it.
Working for e-commerce companies was cool, but I never felt as I do now. I LOVE the ability to work on projects that give me freedom and less limits in my creativity. It just rejuvenates my creativity in a whole different level. The satisfaction that I get of finishing up a design for a client that already likes my style and later is Wowed when seeing the completion is priceless.
I knew I wanted do something like this, but reconfirmed it last year when I realized  that bonito design was building up clients by word of mouth and my work was taking a different toll.

And if you weren’t doing this, what do you think you would be doing right now?
Most probably working in an E-Commerce Company.
Think back to your first paying job. What key points do you remember about it? Were you nervous? What would you re-do if you could?
Yikes, I don’t recall that far back.  Another fact I must share about me is that I tend to forget details of things in the past. Lol.

The best advice you’ve ever gotten:

What is one thing you’ve learned about life through this creative outlet?
To believe in yourself!!!!!!  Once you believe in yourself that path widens up with tons of tangible possibilities.

Your favorite quote of ALL time:
I can’t pick a favorite I Love too many quotes, but this is a good one…
“See the world as a beautiful place, filled with positive possibilities.
And your actions, your thoughts, your consequences will take on the
color of that positive perspective.”

Someone comes to you, and tells you that they’ve been thinking about starting a ‘creative’ business of their own. What do you tell them?
If they are passionate & truly love what they do, then I would say GO FOR IT!
Hard work, Focus, & Determination can only lead you to your goals.
Whose work inspires you? Why?
(It can be a fellow artist, or someone you know personally [mom, teacher, etc…])
AMY ATLAS to name just one. I respect her work because I just LOVE her style. Every single time I see a dessert table that she has worked on literally WOW’S ME. She inspires me visually 🙂

In General I am also inspired by Successful Entrepreneurs I may meet or just read about.
I am also very inspired by so many talented bloggers out there that I follow.

Everyday life inspirations are my family, friends, trainer, past tense professors,
my culture, my surroundings, my upbringing, nature, music, color, art, you name it lol.

You just got an email inquiring about your services. It’s your DREAM gig. What does it entail?
Any one famous person, or important company!!!!!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Oooooh in my GORGEOUS studio with a big smile.
I would still be doing what I Love to do, but in a whole different level.
In general, pretty much set as a successful entrepreneur. Living a well balanced life.
Married & kids too : )



Helen, thank you sooo much for doing this! And thank you for sharing your art and work with us all 🙂
And to any readers looking for personalized cards, with some ‘spice’, or looking to have a party planned with some style, please check out Helen’s work. You wont be disappointed.

5 thoughts on “Artist Spotlight: Helen Guzman, founder of Bonito Design

  1. Helen Guzman’s interview is so inspirational and positive. As I read the answers to your question I realized that she is at the place that brings her true joy. All these parties, stationeries and cards enbodies her talent and makes me super proud to be her sister!

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