Film. Playing with Black and White | Photography

I recently decided to play around with black and white film.

If you’ve gotten to know me a little bit, you probably already know that I love black and white, and I tend to favor ‘moody’ images. With this said, I couldn’t wait to use a black and white film.

These aren’t great by any means, but I do appreciate the feel behind them, and I also like that I’m understanding my lighting (or not lol) a little bit more, and that I’m composing pretty decently.

So, here are some of my first black and white images 🙂

A couple of my adorable muses:

Yes, and a toilet bowl.

And just some random things:

Again, these aren’t incredible, obviously hehe, and usually photographers prefer not to share their non-incredible images, but I’m not embarrassed.

Right now I’m on a ‘learning curve’ (pun intended), and I want to document my steps to getting better, and I don’t mind sharing those steps with anyone. It’s always great to look back at the before and afters, and I’m sure one person is reading this post, and is at least slightly more inspired today, than they were yesterday. Maybe it’s someone who’s just got their first camera, or someone who has thought about film, or another person thinking about starting a photo business. Whatever it may be, inspiration lies anywhere, including in another person’s flaws 🙂

And maybe I’ve said this- I can totally see myself falling in love with film, in particular with black and white film in.a.sick.manner.

Stay tuned for more.
Thanks so much for looking 🙂


4 thoughts on “Film. Playing with Black and White | Photography

  1. you have inspired me! I LOVE film…..always have. It’s SO exciting watching someone else fall in love with film. the more you learn about it the more you will love it! I can’t wait to see more….

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  3. These are really lovely, especially for your first roll of B&W film. Some of them – like the bathtub and the darker images, are striking.

    Film is so beautiful.

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