3rd Baby | Bergen County Maternity Photographer

My cousin and his pretty liddle wife have such an adorable family. It has a pretty mommy, a handsome daddy, a pretty princess and an adorable little prince, and they are awaiting the arrival of their second adorable prince, just a couple of weeks away!

This is their third pregnancy, and very likely their last, and with that said, mom wanted to document it, being that she didn’t do it with the previous bellies.

As a mom of three myself, who didn’t take many pictures during my pregnancies, I totally understand that urge to want to document such an important, and beautiful period in a woman’s, and family’s life, and I’m elated when I hear a woman wants to photograph her beautiful belly.

Now, I will tell you that this particular session is one of my all-time favorites. It wasn’t only a fun time, but it was a natural, and ‘laid back’ session. We weren’t really pushing for poses, and what you see in these images is real, for lack of a better word. To me, that’s photography- capturing the in between moments, not just the ‘cheese’ and smiles.

But ok, let’s see some pictures, shall we?

And let’s start with the BEAUTIFUL (and like, HOT) mommy 🙂

And now some pictures with the doting daddy


And now, family pictures.

Guys, wishing you a wonderful delivery, and healthy and a happy new baby!

Thanks for asking me to do this with you, and everyone else, thank you for looking!



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