Beans in a Pod | Personal

A little tidbit about me- I LOVE to cook. Well, when time and space allow it.

With this said, I also like to do things quickly when it comes to cooking. I like leftovers for lunch, if that falls under the ‘cooking’ category. I like to prepare my veggies, herbs, sauces, etc… hours before the meal. I like to cook early, so that a five, six o’clock I’m not going nuts trying to get it all done, then having to worry about clean up. Quick, fun, and yummy is my mission.

I’m also opened to trying new things, and being creative when it comes to cooking, so I’m up for anything really.

But just the other day, my husband came home with these things. Beans in a pod I think it is?

Well, whatever.

I was like, ‘what am I supposed to do with this?’, and he replied, ‘cook them’. And then, I was like, ‘whaaat’.

Now, I know I asked for beans, but I meant the kind that I’m used to- the ones in the can. But no, I think he’s trying to push me over the edge, by giving me more work. I mean, I have to peel these, and there are like 12 extra steps afterwards, right?

I went ahead and peeled them, or took them out of their pod. You know, whatever that’s called.

That wasn’t very exciting.

But they did look cute, and the way beans are supposed to look?

Ok. Now seriously, what am I supposed to do with them?
(and yes, I know, my eyebrows are weird).



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