Ive been busy… | Personal

Please forgive me. Please. I’ve been a horrible, just horrible blogger 😦 I love writing, I love taking pictures, and I’ve been failing miserably at updating my photoblog. What a loser.

But, its not all my fault. I’ve been a tad caught up, with sessions (smiling here!), the gym (flexing here!), home stuff (yawning here), and my kids (panting here). Yes, they are the main reason Im always so caught up. If one’s not in school, one’s in dance. If its not dance, its a doctor’s appointment. If its not that, its all three of them in the house, aiming to drive me bonkers.

And in the midst of trying to navigate through their world, I tend to neglect things I like, such as writing, and sharing my ‘work’.

And so yes, these 3 little bean heads are to blame.

This inquisitive little one tends to keep me busy with her  many, many questions and random thoughts.

And speaking about ‘bonkers’… This beba keeps me busy with her diva ‘tude, and her silly antics.

And this Mr. occupies my time, well, with me. He’s a bit of a mama’s boy, and seems to be a tad obsessed with me, so we spend A LOT of time together.

Well, at the end, I suppose if Im ever gonna let myself get a ‘little too busy’, these are the best reasons to do it 🙂

(Above image taken with my newest baby, a droid).

See you guys soon!

Thanks for looking!


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