Baby girl is, um, 4?

My baby girl will be 5 in about 4.5 months. And this wonderful fact, is what makes this post so much more embarrassing.

See, I never shared her 4 year old pictures (as I haven’t shared a lot my pictures recently). Im a busy momma. Sue me.

But, I do have a good excuse. Her 4 year old pictures were taken at Turks and Caicos, last summer. Those pictures were just edited a few days ago (looking down in shame). And now that I have all those pictures completed, I can proudly share her birthday pics.

Yay! No?

And here they are. The pictures of my baby girl, Gia, whom turned 4 on July 19th… Wow. Reading this makes me feel even more crummy.

Anywho, here they are!

They were taken in our hotel room. It was just she and I hanging out, and she looked adorable, she was excited, and was in the mood to take some pictures. How could I resist? of course.

And while at Turks and Caicos, she celebrated her birthday in grand style- with Abby Cadabby herself!

Thanks for looking!

Now stay tuned for images from Turks and Caicos, coming soon 🙂




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