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These images are from a roll, that sat in my camera for about 6 months. A roll that I put into a brand new camera that I received for Mother’s Day.

Im not sure why it took me so long to unwind the film, and furthermore, Im not sure where that enthusiasm to see what I had photographed, was. But I do think a lot had to do with the fact that I flunked so many times before, with getting great images. And so many rolls of film were wasted.

Yea, I did get some pretty good shots, shots that I actually do love, but still, so many more images were never even recorded. Maybe it was the processing, maybe the lighting, maybe it was a fault with the (old, now broken) camera. Or maybe it was just me- Maybe I wasn’t made for film photography. So once I finished this film, its was no surprise that I wasn’t in any rush to see how bad of a ‘photographer’ I had likely been.

And so, it sat in my camera (my brand new Nikon film camera), for months. But then, I decided I had to see what, if anything, I had captured.

I dropped off my film, and left, but not before leaving a warning,’they probably wont even come out. But if they do, can you include a cd?‘. I then waited a few hours, and prepared for the ‘worst’- another blank film.

And then I got the film back. I received a thick envelope with so many prints, and a cd. I took the prints out, and saw one decent picture, then another, and another. And not only was I happy that the pictures were visible, but also, those prints were proof (for lack of a better word) that I do ‘kinda’ know what Im doing; that i have a good understanding of lighting and exposure; and that my eye continues to develop nicely.

So yea, you can bet that my spirits have been lifted, and my confidence boosted.

There is now another roll in my camera. A few shots have been taken, and Im excited to continue. Perhaps not all the images come out. Most likely a few will be over-exposed, and others out of focus, but whatever the case, Im going to be ok with that. I cant expect to get better if I don’t fail, then learn to understand the mistakes, and ultimately find a way to alter my technique, and try again.



One thought on “Film. Back at it. | Personal

  1. You are an amazing Photographer. I love your work. You capture the lighting and you also have the right exposure. I’m not a professional but I know when I see good work and you have it. Keep up the good work. Practice makes perfect. I admire your work and you inspire me.

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