365 Days Photo Project | January, 2013 | Personal

I did it! I completed 31 days of pictures, for my most recent 365 Day Project

Lil' Mikey

So, ok, I admit, I cheated a few times- missed a day here and there, and had to then take two pictures a day to make up for it, but still, I did it!

As I attempted last year (operative word being attempted; I failed miserably with my 365 Day Project last year), this year will consist of monthly themes. For January, it was all ‘Lil’ Mikey’, documenting my little boy’s daily life as best I could, being that his birthday is January 29th.

I now look back at the pictures, and realize I missed a few shots that I had planned to get, but it’s really ok, ’cause I look back, and also notice that my boy really has the best smile, seriously has great hair, loves his little toys so much (this year its Super Mario Brothers), and is addicted to playing with the tablet. Eh, just a tad. And Im reminded of all this, when I look back at this series.

And THAT’S my drive to keep taking these daily pictures. I may not always get ‘the shot’, and not all the pictures are guaranteed to come out good, but to be able to look back at a series of pictures, and remember something, notice something, or want to print a great image is reason enough to take more pictures. If it weren’t for a 365 photo project, I would rarely pick up my DSLR. I’d stick to my phone, which really is heaven sent, isn’t it? But so many pictures go missing in the phone memory. Sometimes we upload, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we share, sometimes we don’t. And sometimes phones crash and die, and with it go many, many pictures. I know. At least for me, with the DSLR photos, I usually upload, maybe fix up a picture or ten, save it 3x, and then share (on FB, blogs, via emails, albums, prints, etc…).

I get busy, lazy, even uninspired, and then I quit. But each time, with all sincerity, I hope I can continue. This project is just so important to me. It really is.

And now on to February. Stay tuned for those pictures. I hope… 🙂


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