Dylan’s 1! | Brooklyn, NYC Portrait Photographer

First week of August, and it was chilly. Oh, and it was raining. A lot. It was that type of rain that you just think  will mess things up- your adventurous side (cant climb onto any big ol’ rocks in the rain;  maybe the camera messes up (‘don’t get wet, don’t get wet…’); the clients’ moods ; your hair, oh, um yea.

But if you’re lucky, you get to photograph really nice people. All at once.

When you’re with this family, and one of the most adorable toddlers in the world, Dylan, a soon-to-be one year old, none of that ‘complicated’ stuff matters. He’s one of the sweetest little boys, has a spunky big brother, Aiden, and wonderful parents, and photographing them all, makes this ‘job’ way too easy and pleasurable.

Sometimes those unprecedented situations give way to great shots- the rain gave us great puddles to jump in;  the overcast skies gave us great light; and the wet streets provided us with some nice reflections. Oh! and the humidity gave me some nice curls 😀

Dylan6BWDylan27Dylan33Dylan412013-08-08_0011 copy Dylan35BWDylan422013-08-08_0009 copyDylan54BW2013-08-08_0010 copyDSC_9281 copy


Thanks for looking!



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