Mamiya mia | Personal

Because change is good.

Because I fall in love so easily.

Because I enjoy pushing my limits.

Because apparently Im never satisfied.

Because growth comes from trying new things.

Because I know how to take an idea and run with it …

All this, and I went and bought myself a new toy. A medium format camera, a Mamiya 645 to be precise.

Now y’all know this obsession I got with film right? Well, I’ve been having a blast recently with my 35mm, but I wanted more. I wanted bigger negatives, I wanted to experiment with different tonal range. And I just wanted a little challenge, a new one. I’ve learned so much about photography in the last few weeks, with the help of my 35mm, that I could only imagine how much Im going to learn with my new Mamiya.

The day after I received it, I inserted a film and off I went. Right away I noticed how much bigger and heavier it is compared to what I’ve been used to these last few years. The buttons are in different places, and even the viewfinder is awkward, but to say that I didn’t love it immediately, would be a lie.

Once I looked into the viewfinder, I realized that I had NO.IDEA how to use the in-camera meter. I googled, I read, I asked, and no one had a clear answer, other than ‘get yourself a handheld meter’. I don’t have one, and Im not sure when I’ll get one. But I still took my pictures, even if it was just to take them. I used the knowledge I have about the settings I’d use for this particular environment I was in, and hoped I’d get something. Anything.

And I did. I got some shots!

Maybe not great, but Im happy enough. The camera works, I loaded the film right, and I realized that I understand lighting more than I ever gave myself credit for. My first roll on a medium format came out O.K.

2013-09-05_0001047100092013-09-05_0002047100132013-09-05_0003(Portra 800, scanned at a local lab)

And now to load another film up in that Mamiya. Stay tuned.

Thanks for looking!



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