Im insatiably inspired by light, drawn to organic tones and ambiances, and I chase the sentiments behind all types of moments.

I like to tell stories, and make art out of emotions. I am a lifestyle and portrait photographer.

Light. Natural. and Emotive.



I’m Norelis, or Nori, whichever is easier for you. I’m a picture taker based out of Northern NJ, minutes from my beloved New York City.

To start off, I’ll tell you that I’m a stay-at-home mom of three little people, with a background in Social Work. Yes, Social Work. OK, so when does the camera come into play, right? Well, I’ve always liked taking pictures. Since I was young, I always made sure to have a camera with me, being either one of my automatic film cameras or a disposable; I made sure never to leave home without one. Ever since I could remember, it was just important for me to get pictures of everything and everyone.

A few years ago, I took a break from the world of social services, and decided to stay home with my two girls. It was then when I realized how much photography really meant to me. Naturally, I took numerous pictures of my children practically everyday, mainly with a digital point and shoot, sometimes with a disposable, and once in a while with a cell phone. Yea, few were actually good. But pictures, we had. Monthly shots, birthdays, holidays, sitting at home, park outings, just thousands of pictures.

After my third baby, a preemie, came home from the hospital, I realized that the point and shoot was not doing his big eyes, any sort of justice. Before I would learn anything about lighting, and the technical aspects of photography, I began my pleas for a dslr, just because it had ‘a fast shutter’. Within a few weeks, I got one as a gift! For some reason, I immediately began shooting in manual mode. Did I know what I was doing? Not at all. Did I understand my camera? Not right away, no. Did I know what went into a good photograph? Not even close. But I did know that I was going to learn. And that became my plan, my focus, my obsession. Being that this was ‘my thing’, I wanted to perfect it. I practiced often, read a lot, and sought inspiration in everything, and from everywhere (websites, blogs, museums, etc…).

As time passed, I became better with my skills. My eye developed more, my vision expanded, and a new form of creativity began to emerge.  It eventually became part of my life, something that came second nature to me, and that I sincerely came to adore. I even became dependent on photography- There were days when it’d make me insanely happy, like when the lighting was just perfect, and other days, sad because I didnt frame right; I appreciated that it broke the monotony in my ‘mom life’; and I loved how it made my brain work, and how I was connecting to people and situations, and not in social services kinda way, but rather more artistically, and emotionally.

And I just kept riding the wave. Taking on different challenges, pushing myself out my comfort zones, and learning, ultimately improving each step of the way.

No need to emphasize that I am better now, than I was 15 years ago. Of course. Am I better than 10 years ago? For sure. Better than 3 years back? Yes!  Better today, than last week? Most definitely.

Am I done? No. Everyday, I learn something new, I grow more, and I become more interested. And each day, I believe more and more in the importance of telling stories, of documenting any and all types of emotions, and the greatness that can come out of embracing the most subtle cues, as well as the dramatic flairs.

Moments, and stories come in all sizes, and they all deserve to be told, someway or another. How about you and I get together to document a little bit of your story?


Basics about me

I love garlic dill pickles.

Im the oldest kid, out of four.

I LOVE music. Its really like, my best friend.

Im one of the most outgoing introverts in the world.

Eating with tablespoons creeps me out. Always has.

I developed an obsession with chocolate once I hit 30.

I was a child actress (plays, commercials, extra in movies).

I LOVE writing, shoes, newborns, and Springtime (NYC style).

I prefer my ice cream (usually butter pecan) almost completely melted.

Thanks to The Bronx streets, Im a pretty aggressive (and sometimes angry) driver.

I really Love Lucy, The Twilight Zone, Friends, and Sex and the City. Oh and Dateline.

I require quiet, and alone time to recharge. If I go too long without it, my mood darkens.

Childhood aspirations: I wanted to be journalist, maternity nurse, and part of Saturday Night Live.

I believe in the power of a great hair day, an awesome tan, and a morning at the nail salon ((mood changers)).

I lift heavy weights almost everyday, and hope to compete in a fitness show someday. Now, if I could only stop eating the darn cakes -_-

Im a typical Libra: Balance is everything! I see both sides to every story and person; There’s good and bad, everywhere, and with everything; and I cant make a decision for the life of me.