I Heart Faces | Shadows

Photo Challenge Submission

I Heart Faces is hosting a ‘shadows‘ theme this week, and immediately after finding out, I got excited because I have this little gem that I love- my daughter’s shadow posing so lovely for me 🙂


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I Heart Faces: Framed


This week over at I Heart Faces, the theme is ‘Framed’. I didnt think I could participate, but then I remembered I had this little gem, one of my personal favorites from an engagement session, out in Central Park, NYC. I was standing on a bridge, and  caught them in this sweet embrace.


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I Heart Faces: Beautiful Eyes

It’s been a while since I participated in an I Heart Faces challenge, but I had to make some time to participate in this week’s- Beautiful Eyes. Lucky for me, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity of photographing many people with beautiful eyes, particularly little people, so I knew I wouldn’t have had a hard time finding a nice picture.

I did a little searching, and fell across one of my favorite pictures ever. A picture of my little boy, Mikey 🙂 I’m sure I’m being a tad biased, but goodness he has great eyes!

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I Heart Faces: Shadows

Shadows is the theme over at I Heart Faces this week, a subject I have kinda really learned to like. A lot. Its just so great to be able to tell a part of a story, with a silhouette of sorts, shapes, angles, but without a face or expression.

This picture I took just  a few weeks ago, while taking the first walk of this spring season with my little people 🙂

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I Heart Faces: Lifestyle Photography

This week over at I Heart Faces, the theme is lifestyle photography, a genre close to my heart, so this is a challenge I was looking forward to participating in 🙂

Here’s a shot of a regular, Sunday morning at my house- kids hanging at the table, snacking, coloring, just hanging out (Oh, and dogs looking on).

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I Heart Faces: Sun Flare

This week over at I Heart Faces, the theme is Sun Flare, any type of sun flare.

I captured this image a couple of weeks ago. It was late afternoon, and I was just taking some pictures of my children playing. In the process, I managed to get some sun rays in the frame. A lot of wonderful sun rays.

(Click on image to view bigger).

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First week with film, completed | Photography

So, I got my 4th roll of film back. And the pictures aren’t fabulous, but, BIG BUT- they’re OK. They’re decent. And it’s safe to say that a few of the pictures are actually NICE! I did it! I managed to get some nice pictures within a week of playing with my film camera. Im beyond excited, and feeling a little proud!

For coolness sake, I won’t share ALL of the pictures, but I will share a few (of the better ones :p), and here they are:

This furniture piece does not look like this. I played with the ISO and my lighting a bit, and this is the effect I got. It’s these little surprises that knock me off my feet 🙂

This one is sooo grainy, but gosh she’s cute ^_^

So this concludes my first week with my latest gadget. It’s been fun so far, I feel it’s the beginning a fun journey, and I think I may have developed a huge crush ((blushing))!

Stay tuned for more images from my adventures with my modest film camera 🙂

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Film. My ‘progress’ a few days in | Photography

So, in the last few days, I’ve been playing with my new film camera. Just so you know, I like it. A LOT. I love the control I have with it. But still, I’m a little bummed. So far, 2 rolls have come back blank 😦 The first roll, I didn’t load properly. I knew that was going to happen. And after much research, I realized that the second roll was messed up by the ‘humble’ lab. Hmph. And there was a third roll. I loaded that one right, but the prints came out all distorted. Waaa. I have to figure out of it’s the camera, me, or the lab. Not sure what happened.

I didn’t expect all the pictures to come out good, or even for the majority to come out, but I was anticipating seeing at least 10-15 in total, but no, I really didn’t get anything decent back. It’s disappointing. But it is one of the things that comes along with film photography- the not knowing what’s going to happen really “/ (PS: This kind of stress I love haha).

Back to the drawing board.
Wish me luck. Again.
(Currently awaiting for roll number 4 to be developed. I have faith this one is gonna work. I hope hehe).


Film. Me? Um, yea | Personal

Look at this. Look what I got myself.

Like, what I really got myself. A roll of film, AND a manual too.

Oh yea, and a camera to go with it. A FILM camera 🙂

Cute little piece, isn’t it?

Here she is, my new baby, my new toy, and my new teacher.

It’s probably the most modest film camera out there (compared to a slew of really amazing film cameras). But I haven’t used one of these in years, and even then, it was one of those easy ones that even a 12 year old could use, like myself back then, so I wanted to start off ‘small’ and ‘simple’. Simple being a relative term.

If you know anything about film photography, it’s not all that ‘simple’. It requires thought, good timing, a little creativity, and understanding the basics of photography (lighting, exposure, metering…). Digital photography is an art all on it’s own, and learning about it, can be complicated, but as I know, digital photography does give room for some (or a lot of) mistakes, and then the do-overs and fix-ups. Film on the other hand, doesn’t always allow second chances. But I think that’s one of the many things that I find intriguing about using one of these cameras- that determination to force myself to a little harder before capturing an image.

I remember basic things about using a SLR, like looking through the viewfinder and pressing on the shutter button lol, but this feels so new to me. Im nervous that I may mess up a bunch of rolls, or potentially great shots… no, I’m sure I will mess up a few rolls, and some great shots, but THAT’S what makes this all so exciting for me. That organic learning experience- the learning as I go; the trials and errors, the not knowing what I’m gonna get, but aiming for the ‘best’ while going for a good shot.

I have faith that I’m going to get it. Eventually. Im an all-manual DSLR user, always have been, so hopefully manipulating this new camera wont be too tough?? And I grew up around SLRs- My dad is a gifted film photographer 🙂 All our baby pictures, trips, and random pictures were taken by him and his film cameras, so I’m hoping some of that blood is running through me hehehe.

I plan to dedicate a lot of my time to this camera, so it’s going to be one busy week. Keep a look out. Ok now, wish me luck!


I Heart Faces: Anything But a Face

This week over I❤Faces, it’s Anything But a Face week! This is a pretty easy theme for me since I tend to overindulge in photographing ‘anything but the face’ often. So here is my entry:

My 2 year old, pulling off a Mr. Cool pose 🙂

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