Gia’s 6! | Birthday Portraits

A month ago, she turned 6.

In the last 6 years, she’s developed to become the sweetest, most passionate, moody, and funniest little person I know (little person, literally).

Oh, and she’s probably one of the most photogenic.

As it’s become a habit with all my children, I planned a birthday photo session with her. I immediately knew that I wanted to approach this particular session, in a way that would reflect who she is becoming- again, moody, passionate, dramatic, and photogenic, you know, kinda Anthropologie 🙂

Can I just say, I think we nailed it!


Thanks so much for looking!


365 Days Photo Project | July, 2013 | Personal

Despite being the the worst 365 photos photographer, I do have a few images of my July subject- Gia. Gia, my little girl, my July baby, my mini crab.

She’s one of the most photogenic, and charismatic individuals I know, so getting pictures of her is rarely difficult, and it makes me fall in love with this art a little more.ImageThanks for looking!!

Teresa | Portraits | Bergen County, NJ Photographer

Petite. Cute. Silly. Sexy.

Meet Teresa. An adorable girl looking to get some pictures for a portfolio.

She’s originally from New Jersey, but moved out to Florida a couple of years ago. For this particular shoot, she wanted to be photographed in front of the New York skyline, since its such a part of who she is (love that).

Before we met, she asked what she should bring along. I told her anything, as long as she kept it genuine, meaning I just wanted her to be herself, and to remember to have fun.

Well, she definitely brought herself, and we definitely had fun, and here are the pictures to prove it.

This girl loves shoes, including her Jordans.

Cute right?!

Thanks for looking!

Sneak Peek :)

There’s no excuse for staying away so long. No excuse whatsoever. But I do have one. I’ve been a little busy, with my mom duties, home duties, and taking pics, here and there 🙂

Here’s a sneak peek of one of the projects I’ve been busy with- a recent photo session with an adorable person, Teresa.

More pics coming soon!