Dylan’s 1! | Brooklyn, NYC Portrait Photographer

First week of August, and it was chilly. Oh, and it was raining. A lot. It was that type of rain that you just think  will mess things up- your adventurous side (cant climb onto any big ol’ rocks in the rain;  maybe the camera messes up (‘don’t get wet, don’t get wet…’); the clients’ moods ; your hair, oh, um yea.

But if you’re lucky, you get to photograph really nice people. All at once.

When you’re with this family, and one of the most adorable toddlers in the world, Dylan, a soon-to-be one year old, none of that ‘complicated’ stuff matters. He’s one of the sweetest little boys, has a spunky big brother, Aiden, and wonderful parents, and photographing them all, makes this ‘job’ way too easy and pleasurable.

Sometimes those unprecedented situations give way to great shots- the rain gave us great puddles to jump in;  the overcast skies gave us great light; and the wet streets provided us with some nice reflections. Oh! and the humidity gave me some nice curls 😀

Dylan6BWDylan27Dylan33Dylan412013-08-08_0011 copy Dylan35BWDylan422013-08-08_0009 copyDylan54BW2013-08-08_0010 copyDSC_9281 copy


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I Heart Faces: Best Face of 2012

This week, I Heart Faces is hosting the Best Face of 2012 photo challenge, and although its been a while, Ive decided to join.
I live with three pretty little faces, and luckily, I did manage to photograph those faces a few times last year, so picking a ‘favorite’ was a little difficult. However, I chose this particular photograph of my little girl, Gia, because it captures her personality so perfectly- silly, charming, sweet faced, and coquettish. Its not only an adorable little face, its also one of my ‘best captures’ of 2012.
Gia Best Face 2012
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He’s turning 3!! | Bergen County, NJ Children’s Photographer

Baby boy will be 3 on January 29th. My delicate, tiny-faced newborn, my preemie, will be 3.

To commemorate this milestone, here’s a peek into his world as it is now, featuring things he likes, loves, and has dealt with for the last few months.

My Mikey.

My shy, coquettish, good looking, and smart boy. My Mikey. Who also happens to need a trim.

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I Heart Photography: White

White is this week’s theme over at I ❤ Faces.

Im sharing this image, taken a few weeks ago at a wedding I photographed. Everyone was fussing over the bride’s sash, and her adorable-faced niece didn’t care for it all too much 😀

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I Heart Faces: From a Distance








This week over at I Heart Faces, the theme is ‘From a Distance’ in which we share pictures which were taken from a distance basically lol.

For this challenge, I’m sharing this picture of my two girls, taken last year while on vacation. We were just hanging out, and I caught them just sitting there, alone, looking at the ocean. Not sure why, but that’s what they were doing. I still wonder what they were thinking, or saying while they were sitting there.

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I Heart Faces: Pets

This week over at I ❤ Faces, the theme is Pets!

I’m sharing a picture of my puppy Eli, currently five months old (he’s adorable). This picture is different than what I’m used to posting on IHeartFaces, and a little different than what I’m use to seeing from other photographers on the website. Its a picture taken with my newest toy, my modest film camera.

Since I’m just learning how to use this particular camera, this isn’t a ‘great’ picture, but it is one of my favorites of Eli. It highlights a part of his little personality so well- he’s a tad nosy. Here I was taking a picture of my boots, and he happened to appear in the corner of the frame. Silly boy :p

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A Very Bonito Session :o)

She’s the founder of Bonito Design, a multifaceted creative vision. She designs greeting cards seasoned with some latin spice as she likes to call it. She’s a web and graphic designer. Oh, and she designs and plans parties. AND her stuff is cute. Trust me.

When I ran into her work, I felt a connection of sorts. I saw that we had similar styles in the way we saw things, creatively, and photographically. (Oh. Did I tell you she also LOVES taking pictures, and does a great job at it!).

I was elated when she asked me to take some pictures for her, of her 🙂 Immediately, I envisioned different angles, bright colors, fun, etc, etc… And when we met up, I saw the location, I saw her pink balloons, I saw her enthusiasm, and I knew it was going to be a great little session. And it was 😮

Now, we took our pictures a few months ago, but they have been under wraps, pending some projects she’s been working on. But the day is finally here, when I can share some of the images with you. Yay!

So here it is. Below are just some pictures from our morning together.

And because I love photographing shoes, another shot ;o)

Please, check out H. Guzman’s work. I’m sure you wont be disappointed!

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I Heart Faces: Red

This week over at I Heart Faces, the theme is Red, in honor of Valentine’s Day, and also to support the cause Go Red for Women.

I’m sharing a picture of my little boy, who turned two, just two weeks ago. This is MY little valentine, the boy with the sweet,puppy eyes♥

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Michelle V. | New York City Teen Photographer

Thank you Michelle’s mom for asking that I do this ;o) Thank you so much Michelle for not being afraid to have fun with your outfit, despite the coooold. And thank you Michelle for flirting with the chilly, November air, and having the upper hand. Ah, and Michelle, thank you for looking at my camera like if you had a crush on him. Oh, and thank you Michelle for channeling your inner SUPERMODEL, and making this one of the coolest shoots I’ve ever had. You rocked it =)

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Brianna | Bergen County Children Photographer

She loves oreo cookies, dressing up, and make-up. She’s like a little woman, who knows what she wants, what she doesn’t like, and isn’t afraid to voice it. And she speaks 3 languages- English, Colombian, and Dominican (it’s a joke, of course, but then again, not really :p)

Oh, and she’s drop dead gorgeous. And I’m not exaggerating.

She has one of those faces that draws you in- a perfectly round face, captivating eyes, and one of the sweetest smiles on earth.

And lucky for me, I was able to photograph that face.

Here are just a few of the images highlighting this pretty little person.

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