Frequently Asked Questions:

I see you shoot film. Do you primarily shoot film?

Right now, while I am practicing and ‘playing’ around with film photography, mainly for pleasure and learning, I am a digital photographer. And since I do hope to expand into film someday, I have been known to take my modest film camera along with me for some sessions. Jea.

In which mode do you shoot in? Manual, Auto, or Semi-Auto?
99.9% of the time, I shoot in complete manual mode. 0.01% of the times, I’ll put my camera in auto mode, usually when Im with my kids, and I have VERY little time or opportunity to adjust the settings.

Did you go to school for photography?
I did not. Im am completely self taught, learning whatever I know through trial and error, lots of practice (as in daily practice), reading, and researching. I have also participated in some workshops, and photo forums, which usually have loads of information. 

Sometimes I feel nothing inspires me. What do you find inspires you and your photography?
My children are my number one inspiration. Cliche? Perhaps, but its the truth. Not only are they kinda cute, but they’re also very dramatic, and passionate children, and its during their most ardent motions, that I want to pick up my camera and photograph them.

Im also inspired by the sun. The afternoon sunlight drives me bonkers, especially the warm-weather afternoon sunlight. A little bit of that, and I just want to take my camera out, and photograph anything and everything. Foreverrr.

Magazines, particularly fashion, and home decor magazines are also a great source of inspiration for me.

Do you sell any of your still-art images?
Yes, I do sell non-portrait images. Contact me for more information!

Any question or comments, feel free to email me, via the ‘Contact Me’ page.


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