Style and Session

Naturally, everyone has different tastes, visions, and ideas. This applies to everything in life, including the art of photography.

I wont sit here and type that ‘you’ll love my work’ or that ‘you’ll be so happy with the end result, guaranteed’, when I simply cant speak for everyone. While it would be fantastic if the whole world happened to like my work, and anyone would grant me the privilege to photograph them, I know that just isn’t realistic. My style isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok.

See, you’ll never hear me scream, ‘Say Cheese!’, nor will I ask that you and your partner wear a plain white button down, and blue jeans; Im known for not shying away from getting dirty to get my shots; and although I give directives for certain images Im going for, I encourage you to experiment with your poses, and I always embrace candidness; Some of the minimally posed shots, end up becoming favorites.

At the end for me, its not about meeting you, putting you on a bench and asking that you smile, taking the pictures, and then sending you on your way. No. During our time together, I want us to connect, and bring this session to life. Whatever we’re going for, I want to help evoke the feelings behind it all. I want personality, quirks, temperament, laughs, flirtation, some seriousness… again, whatever is going to give your session its unique voice.

Essentially, I want to capture YOU, and most preferably in natural light. I don’t do studio work, nor do I carry light strobes. I like opened areas, big windows, and bright spaces. Parks, museums, gardens, your bright bedroom, anyplace really that welcomes sunlight, or bright natural light is my preferred workspace. And to add, when meeting, any part of the day is fine with me, but I do have this thing for the early daylight, and more so, for very early evening light.

If you think we may be a match, I say you holla.