Gia’s 6! | Birthday Portraits

A month ago, she turned 6.

In the last 6 years, she’s developed to become the sweetest, most passionate, moody, and funniest little person I know (little person, literally).

Oh, and she’s probably one of the most photogenic.

As it’s become a habit with all my children, I planned a birthday photo session with her. I immediately knew that I wanted to approach this particular session, in a way that would reflect who she is becoming- again, moody, passionate, dramatic, and photogenic, you know, kinda Anthropologie 🙂

Can I just say, I think we nailed it!


Thanks so much for looking!


I Heart Faces: Best Face of 2012

This week, I Heart Faces is hosting the Best Face of 2012 photo challenge, and although its been a while, Ive decided to join.
I live with three pretty little faces, and luckily, I did manage to photograph those faces a few times last year, so picking a ‘favorite’ was a little difficult. However, I chose this particular photograph of my little girl, Gia, because it captures her personality so perfectly- silly, charming, sweet faced, and coquettish. Its not only an adorable little face, its also one of my ‘best captures’ of 2012.
Gia Best Face 2012
To share your own image, or just to check out other pictures, check out I Heart Faces.Thanks for looking!

Photo Session: Gia

Two weeks ago, I took my Gia out with the purpose of getting pictures of her. You know, just ’cause she’s cute :), and for practice of course. 

The day was beyond gorgeous, she was in a great mood, she looked adorable, and she had fabulous hair, so everything was in our favor. Nothing could go wrong, and nothing did.

These are currently her favorite shoes.

This child is so fierce. For real.

So why is the hair right in her face? ‘Cause she loves it like that. It’s who she is, and I captured it. 🙂

Yes, she really is this dramatic.

Oh gosh, I gotta stop. OK, one more. That’s it.

Thanks for looking!